The Leprosy Mission New Zealand

“Cure One” regular giving programme

On average it costs NZ$432 to completely cure, care for and restore the life of someone living in poverty who is affected by leprosy. Cure One takes that average cost and spreads it monthly across each year, giving the regular supporter the chance to completely transform someone’s life.


The Story:

The Leprosy Mission identified the need to develop a regular giving product to help fund their leprosy work, which can be broadly defined as Cure, Care and Restore.

Regular giving programmes need to carefully assess what elements of name, description, messaging and cost will be most successful.

The Leprosy Mission had previously operated a regular giving programme called Cure One, which gave us the chance to leverage existing brand awareness.

Our new approach was to unpack the Cure One name and give the supporter a fuller sense of sharing a life-changing journey to liberate someone from leprosy. A representative person was chosen each year and their Cure, Care and Restore experience is shared with all supporters.

This one-representative-for-all is extremely cost-effective compared with one-for-one sponsorship, which is very expensive to administer and does not come close to the depth of engagement Cure One can offer.

Cure One has also become a successful platform for large-scale acquisition such as Cure One Hundred days on radio. The brand makes an inspiring promise of a very personal way to make history: Cure One today for a world without leprosy tomorrow.

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