Presbyterian Support

Presbyterian Support Family Works. Entirely new for New Zealand: a regular-giving programme combating the national spectre of child abuse and family violence.


The Story:

New Zealand has a serious child abuse and family violence problem. But what could New Zealanders do to help? Now they can become a Guardian Angel with Family Works.

Family Works is the children and family arm of Presbyterian Support, the country’s largest non-government provider of social services.

For the first time in 125 years, the seven regions of Presbyterian Support joined together in a nationwide campaign to find regular donors to support Family Works services for children and families in need.

Black built this new kind of donor programme from scratch. Research gave us insight into the family need that is most compelling to potential donors: helping a child who no longer feels safe at home.

We based the product name around relationship: Guardian Angel. We developed all the resources a long-term product needs, from messaging guidelines, TV, press and online ads, warm and cold DM right through to a multi-year framework of touchpoints to keep Guardian Angels very close to the work they support.

With a national groundswell of concern, our PR initiatives yielded TV and press support valued at nearly half a million dollars. The first phase of the campaign has nearly doubled prompted awareness of Family Works.

It has been a privilege to show New Zealand that the best way to help children and families in need is to become a Family Works Guardian Angel.

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