The Life Flight Trust

May Direct Mail 2012

Life Flight Trust is the charity providing the Westpac Rescue helicopter and fixed wing emergency flights in Wellington region. The May DM occurs around the time principal sponsor Westpac run a national rescue helicopter ‘Chopper Appeal’. Life Flight Trust also hold an annual open day in May. This added visibility in the media helped to create a halo effect for the May Direct Mail appeal.


The Story:

Given the closeness of Anzac Day, we approached Sgt. Stevin Creeggan for an appeal linked to the Air Force ANZAC helicopter crash and rescue two years earlier.

“It could have been me” was a strong concept with a double edge, because with Life Flight Crewman Dave Greenberg writing that it could have been him in that crash, the supporters also realise that it could have been them or their families who needed the help that Sgt. Creeggan received that day.

The concept utilised many old press clippings from the accident as well as a lift piece with screen shots of the rescue and offer for supporters to watch the rescue online.

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