Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

“This Puppy Needs You.” Four words. One simple, single-minded proposition - and a campaign that generated unprecedented emotional response and return on investment.


The Story:

Puppy Sponsorship was an existing programme with potential to grow. Black’s campaign was integrated around the SMP ‘This Puppy Needs You’. The ultimate straightforward request. Hard to resist when looking into the eyes of a puppy.

Television commercials linked the life of Sasha the puppy to Natalie, a young girl who one day may hope to have a guide dog. This gave the emotional plea two solid rational drivers: the cost of guide dog training; and the need of a young blind New Zealander for an independent life.

Media inserts and direct mail clearly reflected the television creative. The mailing uses the medium to great advantage by carrying the very intriguing line ‘Your Puppy’s Inside’ on the outer envelope. The involvement piece included in the pack was a photograph of Sasha.

The use of ‘time warp’ effects on the footage of Natalie in her playground at school and at a pedestrian crossing added to the sense of danger and isolation that a blind New Zealander like Natalie can experience.

‘This Puppy Needs You’ won Gold in the ‘Customer Acquisition’ Category of the Marketing Associations’ RSVP Awards.


In 2006 the Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind was struggling to acquire and retain regular givers. Appeals to the donor base were underperforming and communications often lacked donor focus.

Black won a three way agency pitch with their strategic thinking, creativity, results focus and clear understanding of fundraising.

Working in partnership with Black the RNZFB achieved outstanding fundraising results including an amazingly successful regular giving acquisition campaign for puppy sponsorship.

It was wonderful that these incredible results were recognised by the Marketing Association when 'this puppy needs you' won Gold at the Marketing Association awards.

The team at Black are passionate, hardworking and fun - driven to improve results and make the world a better place, they work happily in partnership to achieve the best possible.

Kathy McKay
Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
Marketing Manager 2006

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