The Life Flight Trust

“Red Angel” regular giving development 2012

When local lives are most in danger, hope is in the air.

When a critically ill patient saw the red helicopter coming to the rescue, the name “Red Angel” was born. It became the title of a new regular giving product, in which the donor becomes part of the helicopter crew as a Red Angel.

The Result:

The Story:

A tiny baby born months too early. A crash victim in a ravine on the edge of death. Potentially deadly situations like these are why the Life Flight Rescue Helicopter is beloved in Wellington and surrounding regions.

The key challenge was to find a way to fund an extraordinarily expensive emergency air service, through affordable regular giving. The answer was to make people feel that they are part of the crew.

The name has grown organically from supporters themselves. That’s how they describe the Life Flight crews: Red Angels.

Life Flight Red Angel was developed to be a powerful direct-response tool for acquiring new regular-giving supporters.

Beyond that, the Red Angel engagement programme provides the kind of perpetually re-engaging relationship that people in the Wellington region have always wanted to have with their emergency air services. The messaging across scripts, images, copy all enhances the sense of ownership: “this is my emergency air service, and I am going to support it financially, every day, by becoming a Life Flight Red Angel.”

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