Orakei Baptist Church

Seek to Find God

A movie trailer-style TVC with a twist that drove thousands of people to a website to find out ‘what happens next’.


The Story:

A New Zealand backpacker has an amazing true-life experience. Night diving in the Indian Ocean, he is stung by a box jellyfish, the planet’s second deadliest creature. After five stings, abandoned on a beach and thrown from a taxicab, he dies ... catches a glimpse of eternity and comes back to life in the morgue.

Black designed a website, seektofindgod.com, featuring a 20 minute video recreating this exciting and challenging real life (and afterlife) experience.

To drive people to the website, Black created a 60” TVC in the form of a movie trailer, with the tantalising endline: ‘See what happens next!”

Black has never seen anything like the results that this TVC achieved. Over 9,500 visits from just 158 spots. So on average, 60 people per spot left their television to visit the website and start watching. Some peak spots generated hundreds of views. The hosting server couldn’t cope, so the site had to be moved to its own server to handle the traffic!

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